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Summer Holiday Program

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The Magic of Gold

Summer Holiday Program
26 December 2018 - 27 January 2019

Gold Changes Everything

A multi-sensory experience nightly at Sovereign Hill. Explore space, delve into the Dreamtime, and re-live Australia’s most important rebellion - all while travelling under the night sky. AURA combines 3D cinema, world-class projections and experiential storytelling to reveal how gold revolutionised Australia.

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Craft Activities for Kids

Try your hand at some creative, gold-themed crafts to make and take home.

Where: Horse Bazaar, Map 32
When: 11.00 am - 4.00 pm

A Magic Show

The proprietors of the Victoria Theatre have engaged the services of a marvellous magician. Prepare to be dazzled by impossible feats of wonder (and have a good laugh)!

Where: Victoria Theatre, Map 26
When: 11.00 am and 3.30 pm
Arrive early to ensure a seat.

Little Red Robin Hood

Is it Little Red Riding Hood or Robin Hood? Well, the owners of the Victoria Theatre at Sovereign Hill can’t agree which story to tell. So, to the delight of audiences, they present both at the same time! This is classic, hilarious pantomime with a wonderful new twist.

Where: Victoria Theatre, Map 26
When: 2.15 pm
Suitable for all ages. Arrive early to ensure a seat.

Alchemy or Technology?

In earlier times, alchemists tried to change base metals into gold - with no luck! Have you ever wondered how solid gold from deep underground is transformed into a gleaming gold bar? Our industrial blacksmiths have just the trick. Watch them pour
a $160,000 gold ingot and learn about this magical process.

Where: Gold Smelting Works, Map 28

English - 11.00 am, 12.00 noon, 1.00, 2.00, 3.00, 3.30, 4.30 pm
Chinese - 11.30 am, 12.30, 2.30 pm

Magic Lantern Show

What would be the last thing you’d want running loose on the goldfields? What about a Bengal Tiger? Hear the strange tale of the tiger that escaped and created havoc on the
Ballarat diggings in 1855. Told using the latest in 1850s Magic Lantern technology!

Where: Victoria Theatre, Map 26
12 Noon
Suitable for all ages.

The Hunt for Gold

Panning for gold wasn’t easy, and there was no guarantee that you would find anything. Even if you did, you could never be sure of hanging on to it. Life on the diggings could be very unpredictable!

Where: Diggings, Map 8
When: 2.10 pm



Wonderful Things

Our Gold Museum has an eclectic mix of wonderful, historical and downright strange. ‘Wonderful Things’ celebrates 40 years of the Gold Museum. Explore our collections and experience taxidermy, fashion, art, pharmaceuticals, weaponry and more.

Where: Gold Museum, Map 47
When: All Day

Take a Guess at the Cabinet of Curiosities

The Gold Museum’s store is filled with a strange and eclectic mix of objects. Guess what some might be.

Where: Museum Foyer, Map 47
When: All DayWonderful Things

Have a Go at the Games Tables

Join the fun with Ballarat’s National Game Company. On two wheels or four, roll the dice, avoid a breakdown and race to the finish line!

Where: Museum Foyer, Map 47
When: All Day

Visit the Touch Trolley

Are you brave enough to put your hand in the mystery box and guess the object? Visit our Touch Trolley to discover and interact with items from the Collection. Learn more on the Golden Treasures tour at 4.30 pm.

Where: Museum Foyer, Map 47
When: 3.00 pm - 4.00 pm

Follow the exploration Trail

Use your powers of observation to become a goldfields explorer in the Museum galleries and complete your trail booklet.

Where: Gold Museum Galleries, Map 47
When: All Day


Underground Mine Adventure Tours

Ride the Inclined Tramway deep into the gold mine on an amazing underground adventure like no other!

Choose from three fully-guided underground adventures! ‘Trapped’, ‘Journey through the Labyrinth of Gold’ and ‘The Secret Chamber’ all operate at the Gold Mine.

The Secret Chamber

The ghostly ‘Secret Chamber’ tells a tale of two Chinese miners who, like many of their countrymen, travelled to the Ballarat goldfields in search of their fortunes.


What happens when luck runs out? Ride the Inclined Tramway deep into the mine to
experience ‘Trapped’, the dramatic story of Australia’s worst gold mining disaster.

Journey through the Labyrinth of Gold

Ride the Inclined Tramway deep underground into the world of 19th century gold mining. See original 19th century workings and demonstrations of early mining equipment while gaining an insight into the daily life and work of Ballarat’s miners as they sought their fortunes deep below ground.

Where: Gold Mine, Map 35
When: Throughout the day

New Normanby Mine Surface Tour

Heritage listed, the New Normanby mine has a rich history dating back to 1886. Its ruins are located in a restricted area of Sovereign Hill rarely ever opened to the public. Join us for a unique opportunity to learn about one the last Ballarat company mines to shut its doors. Bookings essential. Please note that the uneven walking surface is best
enjoyed with enclosed, comfortable shoes.

Where: Gold Mine, Map 35
When: Throughout the day

All tours attract an extra charge and must be pre-booked on the day of your visit. Children under 5 are free, but they must obtain a ticket. Ask about wheelchair access at the Gold Mine Ticket Office.
Gold Mine Tours: $7.50 Adult, $4.00 Child (5-15), $20.00 Family (2A & 4C). (Self-guided Red Hill Mine tours are free. MAP: 6) Regular tours throughout the day. Book early on the day of your visit to avoid disappointment.