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VCE  |  Geography – Unit 2 Tourism

Session outline

Students undertake an exploration of Tourism at Sovereign Hill as a case study, looking at the socio-cultural value of the outdoor museum and it’s economic and environmental sustainability. Weather permitting, the session will involve a tour to identify Sovereign Hill’s environmental management practices allowing students to collect information and photographic data to help complete the fieldwork component of the course.

Classroom resources
Resources for teachers. This page contains maps and photos, secondary resources, videos, possible approaches to fieldwork and PowerPoints from GTAV conferences.

Victorian curriculum connections

Area of Study 1: The Characteristics of Tourism

Key knowledge:

  • The characteristics of domestic and international tourism
  • The changing characteristics of tourism over time
  • The location and distribution of different types of tourism and tourist destinations
  • Factors affecting the different types of tourism at selected locations
    - natural and human characteristics of host destinations
    - development of transport and communication technology
    - international agreements and national policies
    - changing income and lifestyles
    - investment and marketing
    - regional occurrences, for example major events, disasters, diseases, and economic and political situations
  • the use of spatial technologies by the tourism industry for the identification of different types of tourism and tourist destinations and the factors affecting domestic and international tourism

Area of Study 2: The Impacts of Tourism

Key knowledge:

  • The environmental and economic impacts of tourism
  • Socio-cultural impacts of tourism at origin and destination
  • The range of management strategies responding to environmental, economic and socio-cultural impacts, and the consequences of these responses
  • The effectiveness of management strategies in response to the impacts of tourism
  • The environmental sustainability, economic viability and socio-cultural value of tourism
  • The role of planning for sustainable outcomes in tourism
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