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Trades, Crafts & Stores

Sovereign Hill is the place to see rare 19th century trades and crafts practised by skilled operators using original machinery and equipment. The goods they produce are sold here through our shops and factories.

Gold Smelting Works/Gold Pour
Witness the final, dramatic stage in the story of gold, the smelting and pouring of liquid gold into a bar. 

David Jones' Criterion Drapery Store
Fashionable hats and accessories for ladies and gentlemen, fine quality linen and baby wear, plus a selection of Victorian-style china.

Brown's Confectionery Factory
Watch our confectioners use original equipment and processes to make traditional boiled lollies.

W Proctor, Wheelwright and Coachbuilder
Watch our skilled craftsmen make a hub and spokes, and then assemble a coach wheel.

Waterloo Store - Goldfields Store
Like the early stores that met the miners’ daily needs, this shop stocks a higgledy-piggledy range of hats, clothing, toys and household goods.

Robinson & Wayne's Apothecaries’ Hall
The apothecary was a goldfields chemist. The shop displays medical equipment and has a doctor’s surgery. Herbal soaps, lotions, remedies and hair brushes are all for sale.

Rees & Benjamin, Watch & Clockmakers - Jeweller
Jewellers could make an excellent living on a wealthy goldfield such as early Ballarat. Our shop sells rings, necklaces, bracelets, jewellery stands and trinket boxes.

Post Office
This is a working post office. You can buy a postcard and send it off with Sovereign Hill’s own postmark.

Clarke Brothers - Grocers
All sorts of food, drink, spices and household wares were imported onto the goldfields for a population that could afford the very best.

Charles Spencer Sweet Shop
Our lollies are famous, especially the Raspberry Drops. Choose from a wide range of hand-made boiled lollies.

William Hewett's Yarrowee Soap and Candle Works
See 19th century candlemaking machines in action, and buy the kids a candle to dip. The shop sells candles made in our factory, candle accessories, lanterns and soaps.

Ballarat Times Office - Printer
Newspapers were an important source of news on the goldfields. Our printer uses original 19th century presses to make personalised posters and public notices.

Red Hill Photographic Rooms
Dress up in beautiful Victorian costumes and pose for a unique souvenir photo. Bookings essential, Phone (03) 5337 1128. Email

Dilges' Blacksmith's Shop
Watch the blacksmith beating red hot metal to shape iron horseshoes and decorative garden wares.

Horse Bazaar – Coach Rides
Sovereign Hill has a large stable of working horses, including Clydesdales and Percherons. Catch a ride in a coach drawn by some of our gentle giants.

Victoria Theatre
Live entertainment was popular on the goldfields. The Victoria Theatre offers a full daily program of music and theatre.

The Glasgow Saddlery
Saddlers flourished in towns relying on horse-power for transport and operating simple mining equipment. Our saddler sells leather belts and hats.

Clarke Brothers - Tinsmith
Watch the tinsmith at work, making domestic items such as baking trays, scone and biscuit cutters, candleholders and lanterns.

Soho Foundry
Foundries were important to the growth of heavy industry in early Ballarat. Here you can see lathes used to spin metal into goldpans and household wares.

Chinese Camp
See how Ballarat’s Chinese diggers lived and worked as you explore their tents, the store, and the scribe and the herbalist’s huts and visit the fully-consecrated temple.

Gift Shop
Sovereign Hill's Gift Shop, located in the visitor car park, offers a wide range of Australian-themed souvenirs, books, quality clothing, beautiful home wares, gifts, chocolates, postcards and lots more. Grab something to remember your visit.