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Teacher resources

On this page you can find out about our Professional Learning opportunities and access our downloadable resources.

We have a range of resources to use in the classroom with your students including teaching kits. Teachers can also browse the student section for further ideas.

If you need help, please contact one of our bookings or education officers.

Teacher Professional Learning Program

Learn more about our 2020 program opportunities here.

Hidden Histories: The Wadawurrung People - A Free Digitour of Sovereign Hill

Sovereign Hill Hidden Histories
Made in partnership with local Traditional Custodians, this website explores the Wadawurrung people's perspectives on and participation in Ballarat's famous gold rush. Made by Sovereign Hill Education, it features videos, a game, many primary source images and quotes, and has been made accessible to students from Level 3 upwards. Enhance its use in your classroom through these complementary and curriculum-aligned primary and secondary teaching kits.

Teaching Kits

The environmental impacts of the Victorian gold rushes

EAL & language resources


Chinese students – be your own tourist guide

These resources were developed by Jun Wang, Chinese Assistant as part of the Assistants to Teachers of Chinese program in 2009. Students are challenged to become a tourist guide and create an itinerary in English and present it as a PowerPoint. At Sovereign Hill students research the activities available for their itinerary and use their own cameras to take photographs.

This pre-excursion worksheet prepares students for their visit, giving them an orientation to Sovereign Hill and outlining their project.


Sovereign Hill Chinese dictionary. This PowerPoint uses Sovereign Hill to introduce simple Chinese words to beginning learners of the language. Topics include numbers, colours, animals and clothes and students are invited to complete their own personalised dictionary with photos of themselves in modern clothes.

Dictionary audio. This recording can be used in conjunction with the dictionary. Jun Wang gives the appropriate pronunciation of each word in Chinese.

Be a Chinese tourist guide audio. This recording supports the above PowerPoint. Jun Wang gives the appropriate pronunciation of each word in Chinese.

Italian LOTE trailThis trail is for use on a visit to Sovereign Hill and is suitable for beginning learners of Italian language.

Narmbool resources

Narmbool camp survey
Please take 5 minutes to complete a teacher survey on your Narmbool experience.

Classroom resources
These resources can be used in your classroom before or after camp to enhance your students’ learning experience.

  • Helpful information about bugs briefly describes the characteristics of an insect and also includes a simple classification activity for students.
  • Marco-invertebrates describes how to sample and identify invertebrates, and explains what role insects play in an ecosystem.

Bound for the Colonies

Sovereign Hill School DET has put together this digital version of Colleen Fawkes Ryan's book, 'Bound for the Colonies', so that students can read-along. This book is a great learning resource that tells the story of life on board ship as experienced by the migrants travelling to Australia in the 1850s. 

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Education and training bodies are permitted to copy material freely provided acknowledgement is made of the source. Written authority must first be obtained from The Sovereign Hill Museums Association if you wish to charge others for access to the material, or if you modify, repurpose or alter the published material in any way.