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Supporting Sovereign Hill

Sovereign Hill is administered by The Sovereign Hill Museums Association – a not-for-profit, community-based, cultural tourism organisation. The Association is controlled by a Board elected by members and serving in a voluntary capacity. Management is in the hands of a Chief Executive Officer and professional staff.

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Sovereign Hill – a Ballarat success!
The Sovereign Hill Museums Association, which administers Sovereign Hill, the Gold Museum and Narmbool, is a major employer in Ballarat and has been the catalyst for significant tourism development in the region.

Sovereign Hill was founded in 1966 by a group of Ballarat people concerned to preserve the city’s history in an activated outdoor museum complex.

Fifty years on, Sovereign Hill has stood the test of time! It is Australia’s foremost Outdoor Museum. It has been inducted into the Victorian Tourism Hall of Fame and has twice won the coveted award for Australia’s Major Tourist Attraction.

Securing Sovereign Hill’s financial future

The Association has been financially independent from the outset. Operating costs are financed by entrance takings and sales revenue. To finance capital projects, the Association relies very heavily on the generosity of many supporters.

Sovereign Hill needs your support
New challenges lie ahead. If Sovereign Hill is to expand its education facilities and its conservation and research programs, as well as maintaining its priceless collections, and developing new exhibits, the creation of a strong capital base is essential.

It was for this purpose that The Sovereign Hill Foundation was established in 1995 as an internal fund of The Sovereign Hill Museums Association. Managed by independent trustees, The Foundation has grown into a strong financial base to secure Sovereign Hill’s future. You can help Sovereign Hill in a very practical way by donating to The Sovereign Hill Foundation. Your donation will help to grow its corpus and support Sovereign Hill’s on-going financial viability.

There are a number of ways in which you can make a donation
You might wish to consider a bequest. Please do not hesitate to contact us to discuss your intentions with us, so that we can make sure that your bequest is used to help Sovereign Hill in accordance with your wishes. 

Another alternative is to donate through ShareGift Australia. ShareGift is a charitable initiative offering shareholders a no-cost, tax-deductible way to convert shares into charitable donations.

As no brokerage is paid on ShareGift transactions, this is particularly attractive for shareholders with small parcels of shares that would otherwise be expensive to trade.

Shareholders have the option of recommending Sovereign Hill as the recipient of the donation.

To sell your shares, complete a share sale donation form that can found at and return it to ShareGift. Your shares will be sold on market and the cash proceeds directed to ShareGift, which will provide a receipt to claim a tax deduction for the donation. ShareGift passes 100 per cent of the proceeds on to Deductible Gift Recipient (DGR) charities each quarter.

On the donation form, please consider recommending The Sovereign Hill Foundation as the recipient of the proceeds of your cash sale. Funding distributions are decided by the ShareGift Board on the basis of these recommendations.

ShareGift Australia is inspired by ShareGift UK, which has generated over 12 million pounds and supported more than 1,500 charities over the last decade. In Australia, ShareGift is endorsed by ASX and the Australian Shareholders’ Association.

Free brokerage is provided by JB Were and by Macquarie Private Wealth – but shareholders of any broker can use ShareGift without paying brokerage.

Shares held in any ASX-listed company may be sold through ShareGift.

For further information on ShareGift, call 1300 731 632 or email

Sovereign Hill appreciates your consideration of a gift to the Foundation. If you have any queries about the Foundation or other forms of donation, please contact:

The Chairman
The Sovereign Hill Foundation
Sovereign Hill
39 Magpie Street
Ballarat 3350

Telephone (03) 5337 1111
Fax (03) 5333 5663

The Sovereign Hill Museums Association ABN 87 565 053 651

Dragon Appeal

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