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Students’ Letters and Stories

Red Hill National School
Students predominantly come from England and Scotland and are from lower to middle class families. Parents would earn their money as manual labourers or miners. Red Hill National School is a non-denominational school.

Red Hill School example letter

St Peter’s Denominational School
Students would most likely have come from Wales or England. This is a Church of England School and considered to be the elite school on the diggings. Parents would have high ranking positions in the community.

St Peter’s School example letter

St Alipius Diggings School
This is a Catholic school and students come from Ireland and should be able to name their Irish home town and county eg. Ennis in County Clare. Knowledge of the potato famine and its effects on the Irish people is important.

St Alipius’ School example letter

Wesleyan Day School
Wesleyan Day School is a Methodist school and students would come from Wales or Cornwall and should be able to name a Welsh or Cornish town of origin eg. Cardiff or Penzance. Many families would have had backgrounds in coal or tin mining and other industries.

Wesleyan School example letter

Ballarat Benevolent Asylum Ragged School
This is a charity education for very poor families. Students might be an orphan through tragic circumstances and these should be explained in the letter. The writing should reflect the poverty and hardship faced by the family.

Ragged School example letter

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