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Sly Grog is an homage to the gutsy and hardworking women of the Victorian Goldfields in the 1850s.

Built around Polly O'Shea - a mythical amalgam of the many brave, innovative and rebellious women of the Goldfields. Polly arrived in 1852 from Ireland, was widowed and had to provide for her family doing whatever she could to survive. Her coffee tent quickly became the cover for her gin still, and sly grog was born.

That was the 1850s. In 2021, we have remade Sly Grog to honour Polly and the legacy of the strong and resilient women of the goldfields.

Partnering with our mates at Kilderkin distillery Sly Grog is a collaboration that has created a unique gin - featuring botanicals sourced from the museum's garden at Sovereign Hill. Its palate showcases the lemon and cinnamon myrtle, banksia and rosemary harvested from the outdoor museum and is balanced beautifully with coriander seed, pepper leaf and desert lime.

At its heart, the Sly Grog project is a fundraiser for Sovereign Hill Museums Association and the profits from each bottle of Sly Grog will support the delivery of the Sovereign Hill Master Plan, which will see an ambitious new Entrance Precinct and Exhibition Space.

Founded by locals as a not-for-profit organisation, Sovereign Hill Museums Association is bound by place and dedicated to the growth and success of the people and businesses in Ballarat.

Sly Grog has an RRP of $85 and is being served at the US Hotel in the Main Street of Sovereign Hill.

Sovereign Hill is proudly made in Ballarat and sits on Wadawurrung Country.

Thanks for your support. Enjoy our Gin.