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Prices & FAQs

What does it cost to visit Sovereign Hill?

Sovereign Hill 2020 student entry
$23.60 per student (GST does not apply)
Adults free of charge 1:10
Extra Adults $34.40 up to and including the first 6 Extra Adults
All other Extra Adults $47.70 after the first 6 Extra Adults

AURA – Sovereign Hill’s evening experience
$23.60 per student includes GST
Adults F.O.C. 1:10
Extra Adults $43.50 up to and including the first 6 Extra Adults
All other Extra Adults $51.20 after the first 6 Extra Adults
Coach Drivers are to be included in numbers and ratios.

$9.00 per student (includes GST)
Adults F.O.C. 1:10
Only available for school groups which have booked Aura also. Minimum numbers apply.

Guided Mine Tours
$3.50 per student (includes GST)
Secret Chamber Mine Tour, Trapped Mine Tour or Labyrinth Mine Tour (Red Hill Mine tour is free but must be booked)

Do teachers have to pay?

Teachers are free on a ratio of 1:10
Additional adults rates are detailed above

What do we get for the entry price?
Our Bookings Officers will arrange an itinerary for you. Please speak to them about the following options.
Entry to Sovereign Hill gives you:

  • Free entry to Sovereign Hill for the second and third consecutive days of your visit for schools on camps
  • Entry to the Gold Museum (school groups must book)
  • One free education session
  • Self-guided tour of the Red Hill Mine (school groups must book)
  • Gold smelting demonstration producing a $140,000 gold ingot (school groups must book)
  • Gold panning in the creek
  • Numerous activations throughout the day (check the visitor map for times)
  • Demonstrations including wheelwrighting and the quartz battery
  • Other craftsmen demonstrating their trades
  • Discover it Yourself (DIY) learning activities
  • Innovative teaching resources to support your visit from this website
  • The chance to meet interpreters in cottages and gardens

Do we have to pay on the day?

Day entry
Most school groups choose to have an invoice sent to the school after your visit. This allows you scope for changing numbers. You can pay on the day if you wish.

Evening shows
Amended numbers must be advised at least 24 hours prior to the show date. Payment for this will be included in your entry or camp invoice.

What are the opening times?

Sovereign Hill

The Gold Museum

How long should we spend there?

Some schools spend three days at Sovereign Hill. Entry is free for the second and third day of your camp if you are staying overnight. Alternatively, you can see a lot in one day. Below is a guide to the duration of some of our activities



Gold Museum (school groups must book)

60 minutes

Education sessions (school groups must book)

40 – 60 minutes

Self-guided tour of the Red Hill Mine (school groups must book)

20 minutes

Gold smelting demonstration producing a $200,000 (depends on current gold price) gold ingot (school groups must book)

20 minutes

Gold panning in the creek

40 - 60 minutes

Do it Yourself (DIY) learning activities

60 minutes approx.

We have a range of other opportunities for schools staying over and a number of innovative approaches involving digital cameras and group work.

What accommodation is available?
The Sovereign Hill Hotel provides over 200 beds for students but is very popular and must be booked well in advance. Call 03 5337 1188 for enquiries and bookings.

What does accommodation cost?

Accommodation 2020 Prices
$34.00 per person, per night including teachers and supervisors (includes GST).
(Students bring a sleeping bags and towel. Adults are supplied all linen).
Sheets and towels are available for $9.30 per person (includes GST).

Download our 2019 Schools Catering form here. The 2020 Catering form is coming soon.

What teaching resources are available?
Sovereign Hill Education provides a number of teaching resources designed to get the best educational outcomes from a visit. The resources feature student-centred activities promoting purpose, choice and ownership.

The teacher section offers:

  • Professional Learning Program
  • Educator Pass
  • EAL and LOTE resources
  • Narmbool resources
  • Bound for the Colonies

The student section offers:

  • History blog
  • Videos and audio
  • Narmbool resources
  • Bound for the Colonies

Our blog provides posts about interesting topics for student and teacher research. Many of the posts are responses to specific student questions.

Home schoolers are very welcome at Sovereign Hill

Sovereign Hill Education provides education sessions, professional development programs and on-line resources to support learning about the significance of the gold rushes in Victoria’s and Australia’s development. Every aspect of our national life was changed by the wealth and opportunity created by gold. All our sessions and resources are aligned with the Victorian Curriculum. Our Education Officers and bookings staff will help you get the most from your visit to Sovereign Hill’s Outdoor Museum, the Gold Museum and our night-time sound and light show Aura.

On provision of a copy by email, fax or post of the Victorian Registration and Qualifications Authority notification for each student, homeschooling groups are admitted at the same rates as school groups. Accompanying adults in the ratio of 1:10 students are free and additional accompanying adults are admitted at the concession rate. Booking ahead is essential if a session with one of our Education Officers is required (Minimum of 10 students).

For further information please feel free to contact us.

What do the kids need to bring?

  • Sturdy footwear
  • Hat
  • Sunscreen
  • Jacket
  • Drink bottle
  • Lunch
  • Camera
  • A sense of fun

What should teachers bring?

  • A mobile phone – make sure our bookings officer has your name and phone number in case of emergency
  • Your Confirmation of Booking form, photocopied for each group
  • Your Sovereign Hill map
  • A list of students
  • A First Aid kit and a First Aider
  • A readiness to have fun!

How much pocket money should we allow the children to bring?
This is really up to you to decide based on your knowledge of your students and their backgrounds. Most schools allow some money for souvenirs. Some products may be ordered before arrival using the order forms from the following businesses;

  • Gift Shop
  • Waterloo Store
  • Dilges’ Blacksmiths
  • Ballarat Times
  • Brown & Co. Confectionery Manufactory
  • Gold Smelting Works
  • William Hewett’s Yarrowee Soap & Candle Works

What food is available?

Old-fashioned pies, pastries and cakes may be purchased from the Hope Bakery. Our cafe is well stocked with sandwiches, salad rolls, chips, drinks. etc. Download our 2019 Schools Catering form here (2020 form coming soon).

Can we bring our own lunches?
Certainly. We suggest you bring them in a big basket and leave them in the cupboards behind the Carver and Dalton Auction Rooms, close to the Front Entrance (note: These cupboards cannot be locked. Sovereign Hill accepts no responsibility for lost items). Feel free to use the tables and chairs near the cafe and around the Post Office Dam.

Are lockers available?
Cupboards are available near the Front Entrance behind Carver and Dalton Auction Rooms. These are storage cupboards and cannot be locked. Do not leave valuables there. Sovereign Hill accepts no responsibility for items left in these cupboards.

What happens if it rains?
There is plenty to do at Sovereign Hill if it rains. First, make sure you have raincoats and sturdy shoes so you can spend some time in Red Hill Gully panning for gold. There is plenty to see in the shops of Main Street and most of our demonstrations are under cover including the Mine Tour, the Gold Pour and Wheelwrights, the Candlemaker, Foundry and Blacksmiths. The Gold Museum is always climate controlled. There are under-cover areas near the cafe and in the Horse Bazar with tables for lunch and fire places for warmth.

Are the horses dangerous?

Sovereign Hill has over 50 working draft horses, mostly Percheron – Clydesdale crosses. They are generally very placid and used to people but they are also large and hard to stop. You should make your students aware that, as for any normal road, they must check Sovereign Hill’s streets for traffic before crossing and keep well clear of the horses and coach. They should approach horses carefully. Horse Safety information can be found on our teacher map.

Do you have a Code of Conduct?
Sovereign Hill is open to the public all year round. To ensure everyone has a great time exploring our outdoor museum, we have a code of conduct just like one for a school. It outlines the mutual obligations of Sovereign Hill staff and visiting schools. All visiting schools are asked to abide by the code of conduct. Download our Code of Conduct or ask our Bookings Officers for a hard copy.

Who can I speak to about planning our visit?
Our Bookings Officers will help plan your itinerary according to your needs and the time you have available. Please don’t hesitate to call us on (03) 5337 1188, or email

What happens in an emergency?
Sovereign Hill is well prepared for any emergency and is a safe venue on Total Fire Ban and Code Red days. See the Child Safety and Risk Management section for more detailed information.

How accessible is Sovereign Hill?

Our Accessibility page has information including:

  • Wheelchairs and strollers
  • Social Stories
  • Auslan interpreted movies
  • Accessible accommodation

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