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The Sweet Life: Peaches & Cream Boiled Lollies

Our latest range of Brown’s Confectionery Peaches & Cream lollies comes from a proud, long-standing tradition of hand-made sweet-making which started on the goldfields.

It’s hard not to miss our Brown’s Confectionery Manufactory. Although tucked inside an alley just off our Main Street, a sweet aromatic smell will naturally guide you to the factory where you’ll be greeted by our experienced and passionate team of confectioners making your favourite boiled treats.

And the latest exciting new flavour that Brown’s Confectioners have been busy perfecting is Peaches & Cream. As the latest creation from the gold fields, many claim that’s its worth its weight in gold!

Our Brown’s factory is based on an original business founded on the goldfields in the late 1850s. John Brown, having migrated from England, settled in the township of Dunolly (located 95 kilometres north of Ballarat) where he created his confectionery business.

In the 1890s, John’s son, Thomas, moved operations to Ballarat where it operated until 1974.

When the business closed, the Brown family donated most of their equipment to Sovereign Hill and trained our confectionery staff in the art of making hand-made boiled sweets.

Our confectionery team still use this original equipment today, while other tools from the business have become part of The Sovereign Hill Museums Association heritage collection.

The invaluable knowledge, skills and equipment imparted on to our team from the Brown family has led to the creation of one of the most iconic sweets synonymous with Sovereign Hill – our famous Raspberry Drops. And our brand new Peaches & Cream range is sure to become the brand new flavour of choice!

Browse our collection of Brown’s Confectionery sweets, including our brand new Peaches & Cream range.

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