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Become a member

As part of an ongoing commitment to lifting the Sovereign Hill experience for visitors and supporters, and in relation to changes in our Corporate Governance, Sovereign Hill has updated its annual entry and membership offerings.

There are now two separate options for those who have previously enjoyed Sovereign Hill Membership.

1. Annual Pass

The Annual Pass presents the great value entry and discount savings that members have previously enjoyed, but is now separate from the new option of Company Membership which offers rights and responsibilities related to the Governance of Sovereign Hill.

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2. Membership of the Sovereign Hill Museum Association Limited 

Company Membership is for those individuals aged over 18 years who have an interest in the Governance of Sovereign Hill. It includes the following rights and responsibilities:

  • Attendance and voting rights at the Annual General Meetings and General Meetings of The Sovereign Hill Museums Association Limited.
  • Receiving financial reports and other corporate information from the Association.
  • The right to nominate as a Director of the Board.
  • Members applying must be nominated by 2 existing Sovereign Hill Members. Note current/existing Members do not need to go through the approval process as they have already been accepted as Members.
  • Membership is not transferable.
  • Membership subscription is payable 12 months in advance and is non-refundable. A membership invoice will be forwarded on expiry of the current membership.
  • Rates are valid until 31 March each year.
  • As a company limited by guarantee, our Constitution provides that in the most unlikely event of The Sovereign Hill Museums Association being unable to pay its debts, its current Members would each be liable to pay, as a guarantee, a maximum sum of $20.00. We are therefore required to inform you that in becoming a Member, you accept this nominal obligation. 

To enquire about Company Membership, please email the Membership Coordinator –