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Master Plan FAQs

What is the Master Plan?
The Sovereign Hill Master Plan will shape the next 20 years and beyond of Sovereign Hill Museums Association and ensure we thrive for generations to come. The Master Plan combines capital projects to be delivered progressively over the years, considers the nature and needs of our Golden Point site and our Narmbool site, and is predicated on our heartfelt ambition to deliver upon our mission.

Who is it funded by?
The Australian Federal Government’s National Tourism Icons Program have funded the development of the Master Plan and the first stage of $10.1m capital delivery.

Where does the ongoing funding come from?
Three phases of investment over the coming years will require further government support and investment by the organisation and its philanthropic and private sector partners.

How was the Master Plan created?
The Master Plan has been informed by key insight reports, including market research, an environmental road map, community engagement and staff surveys together with the global expertise from a consortium of consultants. It sets a strong course for the future.

Who are the consortium of consultants?

Why a 20-year Master Plan?
Ballarat is embarking on a strategy centred around its designation as a UNESCO Creative City of Craft and Folk Art and the fast-growing western corridor of Melbourne has a rich and diverse future ahead. A new mission and purpose, a robust Strategic Plan, and a bold Master Plan will strengthen Sovereign Hill for the next 50 years, so it can share the stories of humanity for generations and continue as the cornerstone of the region’s tourism industry and a partner in its cultural richness.

When does it begin and finish?
Building starts in 2021 and will occur across three stages until 2030. The staging approach for the Master Plan is to deliver signature projects alongside enabling and supporting infrastructure and assets. The projects have been carefully selected to catalyse and support ongoing visitation whilst ensuring preservation of historic collections and delivering social impact.

What are the benefits?
The Master Plan will deliver significant benefit far reaching beyond its role as a living museum, which will result in community, education and social outcomes, continuing to play a key role in Ballarat and the broader region’s economic future.

Forecasts show that visitation will increase from an average of 527,000 to 1.4million by 2040, generating an increase of $201m to the Victorian economy and creating 1,230 direct and indirect jobs.