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Levels 9-10  |  Industrial Revolution in Australia

Session outline

Students experience Sovereign Hill’s collection of working steam engines to explore how the Industrial Revolution affected living and working conditions in Australia.

Classroom resources

AusVELS History bookmark site. This site provides annotated links to educational websites. Look for those with the Industrial_Revolution tag.
The Industrial Revolution Comes to Ballarat. This is a Discover It Yourself activity. Bring your own camera.
The Industrial Revolution Comes to Australia. This video give students some ideas about where to look for evidence of the Industrial Revolution at Sovereign Hill.
Understanding the Industrial Revolution is a plain English exploration of the principles of steam technology using some of Sovereign Hill’s working steam engines.
Sovereign Hill Education blog posts: How? When? Why? The Industrial revolution in Australia, The Industrial Revolution in Australia, The Industrial Revolution in Australia - Part 2

Victorian curriculum connections

Levels 9-10: The Making of the Modern World and Australia
Industrial Revolution (1750 - 1914)

Historical knowledge:

  • Causes that led to the Industrial Revolution, and other conditions and ideas that influenced the industrialisation of Britain and of Australia
  • Causes of population movements and settlement patterns during this period and the significant changes to the way of life of groups of people
  • Different experiences and perspectives of individuals or groups and how ideas, beliefs and values changed during the significant events of the Industrial Revolution
  • Significant effects of the Industrial Revolution, including global changes in landscapes, movements of people, development and influence of ideas, political and social reforms, and transport and communication

Levels 9-10:
Students explore the relationship between economic performance and living standards as well as the reasons why these differ across regions within and between economies. Students examine the role of innovation and its influence on business success.

Levels 9-10: Environmental change and management focuses on investigating environmental geography. It begins with an overview of environmental change and the factors that influence it. Students investigate a specific environmental change in Australia and one other country. They examine the causes and consequences of the change and strategies to manage the change.

Relevant key question:

  • What are the causes and consequences of change in places and environments?

Levels 9-10:
Science as a human endeavour. Advances in scientific understanding often rely on developments in technology and technological advances are often linked to scientific discoveries.
Physical Sciences. The description and explanation of the motion of objects involves the interaction of forces and the exchange of energy and can be described and predicted using the laws of physics

Levels 9-10:
They (students) are introduced to a global perspective, with opportunities to understand the complex interdependencies involved in the development of technologies and enterprises. Students specifically focus on preferred futures, taking into account ethics, legal issues, social values, economic, environmental and social sustainability factors,

Ethical Capabilities
Levels 9-10:
The curriculum focuses on developing the knowledge, skills and understandings to analyse and evaluate ethical problems and their resolution and to identify and manage contestability in ethical matters. Students reflect on whether there are ethical concepts and principles common across people, groups and cultures.

Levels 9-10 History:

  • Analyse and evaluate the broad patterns of change over the period 1750-present
  • Changing social, cultural, historical, economic, environmental, political and technological conditions on a major global influence in Australia
  • Analyse the long term causes, short term triggers and the intended and unintended effects of significant events and developments
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