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Sovereign Hill Master Plan Stage 1(b)


Build economic resilience for Ballarat’s tourism industry, businesses and community.

Funding of $25.3 million is sought to enable the delivery of Stage 1(b) of the Master Plan.

  • $13.8M Gold Pavilion entry (includes fit‐out of ‘Museum of Makers’ exhibition, education and arrival spaces)
  • $1.9M Major event facilities, called the Valley of Light, with permanent structures. Unique event location for Ballarat with great atmosphere and infrastructure reducing the barriers to entry for unique events
  • $2.8M New Museum experiences with a focus on storytelling through collections e.g. Eureka
  • $3.4M Welcome Precinct –car parking, landscape, interpretive and play elements around new entry building
  • $1.6M Education upgrades – renewal of existing ‘tired’ education centre to increase efficiency & capacity

Funding Stage 1 (b) at this time will ensure:

  • Momentum with the launch of the Master Plan continues
  • The shell of a new entry building (delivered by 2022/23 private sector as part of an hotel development) will not be left empty

Benefits to be delivered

1. Sustainable economic growth and diversification (50%)

This benefit will be evident through:

  • Increased business investment in regional communities
  • Increased economic impact and jobs creation in Victoria
  • Increased educational capacity at Sovereign Hill
  • Diversified revenue sources and demonstrable operational efficiencies
  • Increased and more diversified tourism visitation in Western Victoria

2. Prosperous, resilient and dynamic communities (25%)

This benefit will be evident through:

  • Growing meaningful and diverse volunteerism
  • Participation and partnerships within the community and business sector
  • Increased Sovereign Hill visitor yield
  • Job growth in Ballarat from Sovereign Hill activity

3. Improved response to climate change (10%)

This benefit will be evident through:

  • Increased range and impact of climate change initiatives
  • More people are engaged, informed and motivated

4. A more socially inclusive Victoria (15%)

  • Increased engagement with marginalised communities on and off site
  • Increased reach of the untold stories of marginalised communities

Bid Timelines: Several gate posts between now and May 2020. January site visit from Government.
Construction Delivery Timelines: July 2022 to Dec 2023.