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Sovereign Hill education sessions

These are our most popular sessions! Can’t find what you want? We have a number of specialised sessions. Speak to us about developing sessions to suit your needs.

Click here to download our 2020 Camps and Excursions booklet.

Click on the titles below for more links to classroom resources and the Victorian Curriculum.

Grandma Gerty & Grandpa George – 45-60 mins
Grandma Gerty is not feeling well and needs help to run errands and do her shopping. Or, students can help Grandpa George find his tools on the diggings.

Levels F-2
Then & Now – 50 mins
Students compare life and technologies in the olden days to their own experiences.

Levels 3-4
Simple Machines
– 50 mins
Students explore simple machines in technologies of yesteryear.

Levels 3-6
Living in the Old Days – 50 mins
Students are immersed aspects of daily life in the nineteenth century.

Levels 3-6
Gold Rush Immigration – 50 mins
Students become history detectives to investigate the stories of goldrush migrants.

Levels 3-6
Chinese on the Goldfields – 50 mins
Students explore aspects of 19th century Chinese experiences and discuss the discrimination faced by the Chinese diggers who came to Victoria

Levels 5-6
Put Yourself in the Eureka Story – 50 mins
Dressing up as characters in the Eureka story, students re-create scenes of the key events of the Eureka Rebellion during which teachers can take photos to use back at school. *Digital camera required.

Levels 5-6
Gold Fever
– 50 mins
Students join the ‘rush’ to One Eye Gully, re-living the highs and lows of gold fever. They role-play the varied experiences of the diggers, gold buyers and troopers to understand the frustrations that led to the Eureka Rebellion.

Levels 5-6
Goldfields Technology – 90 mins
Students design and build a model to solve a real goldfields problem and explore simple machines (limited availability, $5 per student, 25 students max. per time slot).

Levels 5-6 
Living in the Putrid Past – 50 mins
History might be a great place to visit, but you wouldn’t want to live there!

Levels 5-10
Aboriginal People on the Goldfields – 50 mins
Explore the impacts of 19th century European colonisation on Victorian Aboriginal people.

Levels 7-10
Environmental Impacts of Colonisation and GoldNEW IN 2020! – 45 mins
Students investigate the many ways Victoria’s environment was changed in the 19th century and what this meant for the lifestyles of both the first inhabitants and new migrants.

Levels 9-10
The Industrial Revolution in Australia
– 45 mins
Students experience Sovereign Hill’s collection of working steam engines to explore how the Industrial Revolution affected living and working conditions in Australia

Levels 9-10
Australia & Asia
– 45 mins
Analyse the effects of contact on Aboriginal people and the experiences of Chinese miners in the lead-up to Federation.

Australian History

By analising images, students will consider the dramatic changes introduced as the British colonisers swiftly established themselves, taking possession of the land and then its newly discovered mineral riches. Students examine transformations in the way of life of the Aboriginal peoples and to the environment as the European society consolidated itself. They also consider how new visions for the future created by the gold rush and the Eureka rebellion further transformed the new colony.

Outdoor & Environmental Education
Students learn about traditional Aboriginal land use, the environmental impact o the Squatters who arrived after 1835 and the story of gold. They then tour Sovereign Hill to explore Australia’s Industrial Revolution. Finally, they study the selectors of the late nineteenth century and what this meant for Victoria’s landscape as we headed towards Federation.

Geography Tourism
Students undertake an exploration of Tourism at Sovereign Hill as a Unit 3 Tourism case study to learn about the socio-cultural value of the outdoor museum and it’s economic and environmental sustainability. Weather permitting, the session will involve a tour to identify Sovereign Hill’s environmental management practices allowing students to collect information and photographic data to help complete the fieldwork component of the course.

Discover it Yourself learning

These programs and resources provide a framework of activities for your visit. You can use them to create your own itinerary with your students. Discover it yourself or we can facilitate the program with you. These programs adopt a student-centred learning approach where students are given purpose and choices and take ownership for their learning. They are a great way of linking classroom preparation and learning outcomes with your visit.

Levels F-2
Teddy's Visit
Students bring their own or a class teddy and photograph Teddy’s adventure at Sovereign Hill. Download the Sample Unit for more ideas to use before, during and after your visit. Watch an example video at TeacherTube here.

Levels 3-6
Sovereign Hill Snapshots

Students use digital cameras to collect images on a topic of their choice exploring goldfields life. Before visiting they can use our visitor map to make decisions about where they might find some evidence about their theme. Back at school students develop an IT presentation.

Levels 3-10
Hidden Histories: The Wadawurrung People

This digital tour brings to life the perspectives and participation of Aboriginal People on the Ballarat goldfields from 1851 to 1871.
Click here to start the tour.

Level 9
Historical Investigations

Teachers may choose from a number of investigation topics designed to cover Level 9 AusVELS Depth Studies. Using digital cameras the Industrial Revolution, Movements of Peoples and Chinese can be explored in order to create digital essays or, for the more competative, in a Rush Around the Hill format.

Level 9
Picture This!

Small groups of students are given a contentious topic to explore while at Sovereign Hill. Their task is to find as much evidence as they can around the Outdoor Museum within one hour to support or refute that contention. Students use their own digital cameras to record their evidence. Before visiting they can use the visitor map to make decisions about where they might find evidence about their contention. Check out a video here. Download Teachers’ Notes.

Level 9
Sovereign Hill: Believe it or Not

Students take photographs to develop a presentation about whether Sovereign Hill is an accurate representation of the gold rushes. They can use Quotes from the Goldfields and Goldfields Images to support their argument.

Level 9
The Industrial Revolution Comes to Ballarat

After reading our Industrial Revolution blog page (make sure you watch the two videos at the bottom) and attending an education session, students are challenged to search Sovereign Hill to find and photograph evidence of the impact of the Industrial Revolution in Ballarat. Back at school, they annotate their photographs to analyse the impact and draw conclusions about whether the Industrial Revolution was a good or bad thing. Download the DIY program here.

Education and training bodies are permitted to copy material freely provided acknowledgement is made of the source. Written authority must first be obtained from The Sovereign Hill Museums Association if you wish to charge others for access to the material, or if you modify, repurpose or alter the published material in any way.