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Costumed School 'fees'

Education is not free on the diggings unless you are attending the Ragged School.

To enhance the role play experience students are encouraged to bring payment for their education to the value of 2 shillings on Day 2 of the program. This payment can be provided in a number of formats, but should reflect parental occupations.

We encourage creativity and imagination: this could be a wonderful pre-visit activity.

Examples of Costumed School fees

  • A written note from mama or papa explaining why fees cannot be paid in coins but promising a service or gift in lieu of payment
  • Make or bring an item that reflects mama or papa’s 1850’s occupation*.
    See examples
  • Students can orally explain why fees are not being paid and what their parents will offer in lieu of payment

* Fees may be taken home at the conclusion of the program

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