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Costumed School FAQs

A few common questions you may have about our Costumed School programs


When do bookings open for Costumed School programs?
Bookings open in January/February each year for the subsequent year. Bookings for each year are generally filled prior to the start of each school year.

How do we book into the program?
Schools on our mailing list will be sent an invitation to request a booking at the start of each year.

How do we join the mailing list or update details?
Contact the school on (03) 5337 1143 or

How do we book accommodation?
Accommodation is available at Sovereign Hill Hotel. Requests for accommodation are incorporated into the Costumed School booking application process. Requests will be met subject to availability. 

What will the two-day program cost?
Our costs for the programs are listed here. There will, of course, be additional costs charged by Sovereign Hill if the school elects to use their accommodation and catering.

Our Program

How long does the program run for?
It is a two-day program. Children get the maximum benefit from an extended time in role and through reflection prior to the second day. In exceptional circumstances, we can vary the finish time on Day 2 to assist with extended travel.

What age level is the program suitable for?
It is ideal for students in Year 5. It fits beautifully with Australian Curriculum Year 5 Colonial Studies. It is also suitable for Year 6 students.

What time does the school program operate?
The program starts at 9am and finishes at 3.15pm (includes changing time). Lunch is between 12 noon and 1pm.

Do the students need spending money?
The amount of spending money is at the discretion of the visiting schools. We prefer that students bring spending money for Day 2 of the program or, if staying on-site, do their shopping after 3pm.


What are the dress requirements?
Children will be provided with approved authentic costume when they attend. They will need to wear appropriate footwear. There are limitations on jewellery and on the wearing of girls’ hair. Full details are available here.

How many visiting adults can wear costume?
Adults are costumed by the Sovereign Hill Costume Department and there is a limit of THREE per school.

What are dress requirements for adults?
Adults are costumed by Sovereign Hill Costume Department and are expected to comply with their costume policy. Adults should bring their own footwear as outlined here.

Food & Drink

What are the lunch arrangements?
Lunch time is between 12 noon and 1pm. At this time, students are under the supervision of their own school’s teachers.

Schools staying at Sovereign Hill Hotel will have lunch pre-booked with their accommodation. Our teachers will escort your group to lunch at 12 noon.

Schools not staying at Sovereign Hill can pre-book lunches by contacting (03) 5337 1188.

Schools who bring their own lunches should have them in clearly named brown paper bags. These will be collected in baskets and taken with the students to a suitable area for lunch.

Should the students bring water bottles?
As plastic does not exist in our 1850s world, we do not allow students to use plastic bottles while in costume. There are plenty of drinking taps available at all the schools and around Sovereign Hill. If students have water bottles, they will be left in their lockers and available when they are out of costume.

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