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News, views and behind-the-scenes look at Sovereign Hill. Find out more about how we bring the gold rush to life.

Winter at Sovereign Hill

See out the rest of winter with these Sovereign Hill highlights.

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Visitors Guide to Winter Wonderlights

We've pulled together a few of our favourite highlights to explore during Winter Wonderlights. Check out our guide of things you won't want to miss.

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Wonderlights View

The Story of the Welcome Nugget

Learn more about the amazing discovery of The Welcome Nugget.

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Welcome Nugget Replica

Ballarat Heritage Festival 2021

When we were asked by our friends at City of Ballarat to be part of their *big* Ballarat Heritage Festival this year, we really couldn’t resist.

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Ballarat Heritage Festival Screen

The Sweet Life: Peaches & Cream Boiled Lollies

Brown’s Confectionery Boiled Lollies.
Read about our confectioners and our latest flavour Peaches & Cream.

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SH Peaches And Cream185g

Sovereign Hill Honey

Straight from our hives to your home.
Find out more of the story behind Sovereign Hill honey!

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