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While costumed staff provide life and colour in the business areas of Sovereign Hill, many of our ‘FOSH’ are ‘residents’ of the township and diggings, and can be found interacting with visitors to enrich their experience of Sovereign Hill in numerous personal and memorable ways.

There are benefits for our FOSH as well. They have the opportunity to develop their skills or learn new ones, they can make new friends as they become part of a community working to interpret our heritage and they meet people from all over the world.

Our ‘Friends’ support the interpretive activity of Sovereign Hill, with ‘hands-on’ activities such as demonstrating the use of 19th century domestic and industrial technology, gold panning, horse care, flag making, scrimshaw, gardening and sewing.

FOSH provide orientation tours for the costumed school students and develop a range of characters for roles in buildings and cottages around the township and diggings where they demonstrate their expertise in specialist areas. They also participate in Sovereign Hill promotions, locally and in Melbourne.

Friends’ play an important role in greeting visitors in the Entrance and conduct orientation tours for groups of school students attending Sovereign Hill’s four costumed schools.

Costumed FOSH also attend a variety of off-site promotional activities on behalf of Sovereign Hill and are regular participants in filming and photographic work. In all these ways, they complement the work of the staff and are an integral part of life at Sovereign Hill.

Please contact the FOSH Coordinator on (03) 5337 1166 for more information about becoming a volunteer at Sovereign Hill.


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