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Steam Operations at Sovereign Hill


Sovereign Hill’s Steam Operations is a carefully researched reconstruction of a late nineteenth century quartz mine’s surface operations. It was put together during Sovereign Hill’s first decade with great care and commitment by many people - museum and technical professionals and steam enthusiasts with backgrounds in machinery trades - using original pieces gathered from many parts of Australia.

For more detailed information about Sovereign Hill’s Steam Operations Click Here

Sovereign Hill’s Horses


Visitors love our horses! They are a special part of the Sovereign Hill experience. Horses were also important to the sights and sounds of Ballarat’s diggings and Main Road during the fantastic goldrush days of the 1850s. Then, they were used to power vehicles that carried people and goods, and to drive farming and mining machinery (such as the puddler and the whim on Sovereign Hill’s diggings).

Sovereign Hill’s horses are working horses. You can see them in teams of two or more pulling a variety of vehicles - coaches, carriages, wagons and drags.

For more information on Sovereign Hill’s horses read our ‘Horses at Sovereign Hill’ Brochure.