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Delivering ‘Blood on the Southern Cross’

  • Blood on the Southern Cross’ is a fully-automated production
  • The show is set over Sovereign Hill’s 25-hectare site
  • It is controlled by eight computers and seven video projectors
  • Some of the dramatic fire effects in the burning of Bentley’s Eureka Hotel were the first ever attempted in Australia on a regular basis
  • The show operates with 3,000 lights
  • Several 10-metre tall lighting towers house state-of-the-art ‘intelligent’ lights capable of turning night into day
  • More than 110 kilometres of electrical control and fibre optic cable are buried underground - enough to stretch from Ballarat to Melbourne
  • More than one million people have seen ‘Blood on the Southern Cross’
  • Blood on the Southern Cross’ runs for 90 minutes, seven nights a week
Action Highlights
  • Images of trapeze artists and acrobats fly across a huge circus tent
  • The Eureka Hotel bursts into flames, and rain falls in a blinding storm
  • A runaway wagon careers towards the audience, crashing in a ball of fire